Jan 5, 2018

The Best of Tumblr 2017 part.1

in 2016 I returned to share photos on tumblr, and in the blog I decided to show you the best of that year, but instead of 3 parts, i just shared 2, anyway, this year I want to show you again, my favorites, this time from 2017. Hope you can enjoy, and If you have an account, please share, does not matter if is not yours, maybe someone you follow and worth it. // En el año 2016 retomé mi tumblr, comencé a compartir mas de la cuenta y hasta les enseñé mis favoritos en este blog. Decidí volver hacerlo, sin embargo hoy tocan los mejores del 2017, espero les guste la primera parte, y si tienen cuentas propias o no importa de quien sea, que consideren que valgan la pena seguir, porfa comenten abajo.

xo Ruzu.

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