Jun 28, 2012

I Love Cameras & Photos Vol.14

Today I love this test shoot of Jonathan Gooch and the stylist Charlotte love. I love the combination of colors, looks like an ice cream world is very summer theme if you ask me. 

Para este post quiero presentar el mas reciente trabajo de  Charlotte love, como estilista y el fotógrafo Jonathan Gooch. Me encantó la combinación de colores, para mi muy verano y recuerda a un mundo de sorbete o helados. 

Here some photos of Charlotte´s instagram, so cute and girly.
You can follow her, just search @charlottelovely.

Puedes seguir su instagram, busca @charlottelovely.


Jun 26, 2012

Tuesday Treasure Vintage #9

Do you still enjoy cute stuff? I like child stuff, and this vintage card game is so cute, very child but I don´t care, at least this kind of things make my day more happy.

I found this cards at etsy.com here is the shop 


Jun 24, 2012

Calling for Sponsors

The month is almost finished, so if you want to participate in my blog, you can pick a big size or small one, for this month I will give 5 free space for the medium ad, so please write in this post and you will be one of the lucky winners. Remember to write your email to contact you later. 

My blog is my little corner on the net and you can see art, design, vintage, photography, fashion, and much more, if you are an artist person, this place is for you, so please contact me if you want to sponsor on Princess Corner, ruzu3alam(@)gmail.com

Jun 22, 2012

Beloved Friday #17

Today I want to show a little post about my finds during last week. I still sick, but now is just a flu and cough, so I am not doing to much things, just relax, even I can´t stay to much time front a computer here I am sharing the beloved friday. Today I will enjoy the euro 2012 and a few movies or cartoons, have fun this weekend.

1. The quote for today.

2. The tattoo of this week. I love bats

3. I want this cute unicorn head wall hanging 

Mounted Unicorn Head WALL hanging Jewelry holder made to order

4. My favorite instagram photo.

from candypopimages

5. New readings: tumbrl matcha-maccha and molliemakes.themakingspot

6. When I was in bed very sick, I saw Karate Kid in cable,
 two times, so here a little inspiration.

and I want to show you the last video that filmed William Zabka aka Johnny lawrence the cobra kai bad guy, he now is a filmaker and writer. the video is very funny and the song is catchy. 


Jun 19, 2012


Well I am here but not here, what I mean? I am still sick, in my twitter I mention I was on bed, now I am better, but I don´t feel ready yet for the real world, so that´s why I just came to say hello.
The photos above are before my illness, nothing special, but I love mushrooms and we bought,  but until tomorrow we are going to eat  (finally), this is gonna be a very vegetarian lunch, yummy. At the moment I am drinking water, oranges and lemon juices, sleeping or watching TV, and yes I am enjoying anime.

have a nice evening.

Sigo enferma, lo mencioné en mi twitter hace unos días atrás, y aunque ya salí de la fiebre alta y dolores rompe huesos aún no estoy lista para estar en el mundo real, así que solo vine a decir hola. Las fotos son antes de mi enfermedad, nada especial, pero pueden ver esos maravillosos hongos, que compramos champiñones y hasta mañana vamos a comer, al fin, tan delicioso, así que tendremos un almuerzo muy vegetariano, asi como hoy en día :D. Mientras me cuido con limonadas, naranjadas y mucha cama, a veces TV y claro estoy volviendo a ver algunas series de anime. 


Jun 12, 2012

Tuesday Treasure Vintage #8

*That's an old plastic toy that now works like a plant pot. I think is very unique and cool. Lately returned  my interest in dinosaurs, specially the vegetarians XD, I remember that I enjoyed a lot Jurassic Park and when I was a little girl I watched  some TV show about dinos, Do you remember any TV show about them? Anyway, via Etsy.com I found this example of vintage toys to give it a different porpuse, you know recycling is the best way to help the planet. 

* Este dinosaurio antes era un juguete corriente de plástico, pero pueden ver que ahora sirve como una maceta para plantas. Últimamente ha regresado mi gusto por estas criaturas, sobre todo los vegetarianos XD, me encantaba Jurassic Park y de pequeña vi algunos programas de TV sobre ellos, ¿Se recuerdan de alguna caricatura o programa de TV? Se me escapó el nombre pero era genial. Gracias a Etsy.com encontré estos dinosaurios que ahora sirven para otra cosa, ya saben el reciclaje es importante para ayudar al planeta y que mejor si lo haces de una forma creativa.

more info CoastalMoss


Jun 10, 2012

My Weekends By Cell Phone #24

* Hi ladies, I'm back, ready for a new week? I am ok and ready.
Here some photos took with instagram app. if you want to follow me, please write princess_corner.

*Hola nenas ya estoy devuelta, ¿Ya están listas para la nueva semana? Yo si y estoy muy bien. Acá les dejo algunas fotos tomadas con el instagram app. Si tienen me pueden agregar, solo busquen mi nick princess_corner.

#1. Milkshake coconut, soy milk, with majoncho and pineapple + movie DVD, I saw this incredible and dark movie, I like this story. 
#2. I combed my hair with the straightener, and I went to the movies with my girls. We saw snow white and the huntsman (was ok, nothing special).
#3. You can see the books that now I have in my night stand. two in english and 2 in spanish :P, I am very slow reader, but I don´t care.
#4. Waiting for a friend of my classes of retail design, we have a project for wednesday.
#5. in the car (don't worry I took this in the garage).
#6. My iced chai latte with coconut and vanilla essence.
#7. The storm was coming, very dark and the weather was perfect for stay at home.
Now I am waiting for True Blood, so have a nice sleep, and see you tomorrow.


Jun 8, 2012

Beloved Friday #16

Hi there, another week goes by. Last week I didn't this post, but is time again to show you my favorite links. Have a nice friday and weekend.

Hola, otra semana pasa y la vez anterior no hice este post, pero regreso a enseñar mis links favoritos, así que disfruten y feliz día.

1. I want something very similar ^^
via tumblr.

2. I found this beautiful scene of the Beauty and the Beast 
by Angela Barrett. You can buy the book here. 

3. Tom Hiddleston for me is a amazing man and actor.
Englishman's are hot, he is the best villain.

4. Tattoo quote ^^

5. Steampunk Summer by Grant Snider 

6. I am reading this new blog esme and the laneway. She is so beautiful
and has a lovely vintage style, and she is a red hair 

7. True blood is almost here (I love this series) and I can´t wait to 
see Christopher Meloni aka Elliot Stabler (Law and Order UVE)

8. I don´t have idea from where is this keyboard but please I want this.
via Tumblr.

9. Music of this week, Army of Angels by Kerli. I am not a big fan
 of her, but she has something, and the melody is cute.


Jun 7, 2012

Rory´s Challenge Vol.4

Few photos of Rory on May ^^ During this month I decided back to the game of exercise Rory is very hyper, and I need a better shape, so we back to walk in the neighborhood, I can´t said I did this all days during last month but that´s my goal, continue walking with her and have fun together, maybe I take more photos around my house and others places during the walk.

Algunas fotos de Rory en Mayo; durante este mes pasado regresé a las caminatas junto con ella, ya que es una perrita muy alocada y que necesitamos ejercicio. No fue desde principios del mes y tampoco lo hice seguido pero eso pretendo, a veces no hay tiempo y luego el clima lluvioso v.v el punto es divertirnos, y a la vez pretendo tomar fotos mientras caminamos. 

Someone has hyper dogs? What do you like to do with your pet?

Have a lovely day.


I Love Cameras & Photos Vol.13

Is time to show your photos that I liked from this lady, Harley Harlekin. You know I like lolita style and also I am part of that world in small ways. I love to see photoshoots of this girls in differents  scenarios, so pleas enjoy.

Es hora de enseñar fotos; acá algunas de esta señorita Harley Harlekin. Algunas ya saben que me gusta usar el estilo lolita, es mas me considero parte de este mundo en pequeñas dosis, pues yo soy yo. Me encantan las fotos de las lolitas en diferentes escenarios y situaciones, así que espero disfruten lo siguiente.


Jun 6, 2012

Lady Raven Likes Vol.4

Maila Nurmi (Vampira)
Actress and model

I never saw any movie with this lady, but I remember this character and I think I want to read more about her, I like the creativity and simplicity of this model. If you want to read about here just go here.


Jun 3, 2012

What I Wore: Retro+lolita

My beloved followers on sunday I went to a tea party-baby shower, was a celebration loliday ( a lolita special day) and I had a very good time with this girls.

Here is some photos of my outfit, is something lolita style but more focus in retro-pinup style.
Enjoy your Monday.

Queridos seguidores el día de ayer tuve un evento de lolita, fue una celebración importante del mundo lolita y celebramos el embarazo de una compañera; así que acá algunas fotos de mi vestimenta, que es enfocado en lolita pero mas al estilo retro y pin-up.

Feliz lunes.

A friend took and edited this photo.

 With my friends.

I edited this with this program.


Jun 2, 2012

My weekend

Hi there, today is saturday and I have some plans to have fun and relaxing moment. I want to show you some photos during this week. (This took with instagram app, if you want to follow me,princess_corner

Hoy tengo planeado relajarme y divertirme, así que les dejo unas cuantas fotos de mi semana todas con instagram así que si no me sigues, puedes buscar princess_corner.

Sometimes was raining and others days were sunny, so I started walk with Rory, she needs more exercise (also is good for me) you can see that my garden is growing, so beautiful and I started to read a new book by SK.

*Yesterday I went  with a friend to eat yogurt ice cream and chat a lot, after that we went to a tattoo studio, finally I found a great artist, but I couldn´t take photos during this time, and finally with my mother we saw The Picture of Dorian Gray, but I prefer the book, the script wasn´t that good, but I love the actors, british people are so hot.

Durante la semana el clima estuvo variado, desde lluvias hasta días asoleados, los cuales aproveché para regresar a las caminatas con Rory, que necesita ejercicio al igual que yo; se puede ver mi jardín creciendo y floreciendo; comencé el nuevo libro que compré, uno de SK. es viejo pero nunca lo he leído.  
El día viernes no pude tomar fotos durante mi salida, pues me encontré con una amiga para platicar y comer rico helado de yogurt, estaba lloviendo y hasta vimos un arco iris, luego fuimos a un estudio de tatuajes que al fin encontré un buen artista.Para finalizar el día vi el Retrato de Dorian Gray con mi madre, pero el libreto me pareció malo, aunque los escenarios agradables y que me encantan los actores ingleses.

Have a great weekend.

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