May 31, 2012

I Love Cameras & Photos Vol.12

I found this photo editor online, is very cool, if you like vintage style, this web is for you.

Encontré un buen editor de fotos online, le puedes dar un efecto vintage a tus fotos
y si te gustan esta web es para ti.

You can choose many options, dark, light and color effects, borders, overlay 
just have fun and make cool photos like those below.

Have a lovely Thursday 


May 30, 2012

Calling for Sponsors

It's time to call for sponsors. June its there in the corner, so you can send emails with your ads and paypal email, for more information go here and read the rules.

If you want to swap ads, please contact me via email (ruzu3alam(@) Have a nice day, here is very hot, excuse me I need water and some fruits.


May 29, 2012

Ink Love Vol.4

Human is from Venezuela but now he lives in Spain and also travel a lot. He studied art and graphic design but he always loved the tattoos since adolescence, so in 2005 went to live in Spain and started his tattoo studio.

Human es de Venezuela pero actualmente vive en España, aunque viaja a menudo. Estudió diseño gráfico, pero siempre estuvo en contacto con los tatuajes, así que en el 2005 se mudó a España y abrió su propio estudio de tatuajes.

I think he makes a excellent work on the arms, those sleeves are fantastic, so 
much color is never enough, and the details are lovely. 

Su trabajo es excelente, sobre todo en el área de brazos, esas mangas son 
increíbles, mucho color y con hermosos detalles.


May 28, 2012

Beautifying My Face: New Accessory

Hello people of world blogger, here I am again, it's a new week and today I want to show you my new piercing, on my nose you can see a tiny rock, yes that little point.  This photo was took on last week with the instagram program, but now I have more photos, taken with my camera, this are from yesterday hope you can see it.

Hola gente del mundo blogger, comenzamos una nueva semana y acá vengo a mostrar mi nueva joya, una piedrita en mi nariz (espero la logren visualizar bien) esa foto la tomé el mismo día que me hice el piercing, fue con el instagram, así que ayer decidí hacer unas fotos con la cámara para que se vea mejor.

This is not my first time, I also have one in my right ear, in the cartilage. I had one on the nose before, but because of work I took it off,  now I am not working in a office, so I decide again to have one, I love it, what else can I said? 

No es la primera vez que me hago una perforación, la primera fue en mi cartílago de la oreja derecha y antes tuve uno en la nariz, pero por cuestiones laborales la removí y ya que ahora no estoy en oficinas me lo hice de nuevo y es que me encanta ¿Qué mas puedo decir?


May 27, 2012

Inspiration of Sunday: Eames House

I am sorry I could not show you my favorites on Friday, but here is a 
nice vintage inspiration for sunday: 

Eames House(also known as Case Study House No. 8)
It was constructed in 1949 by husband-and-wife design pioneers Charles and Ray 
Eamesto serve as their home and studio.

You can look more photos here


May 24, 2012

I Love Cameras & Photos: Vintage Catalogue

For this edition I want to show you some vintage ads of cameras they are so cool, I love the family feeling. I found this on google, but here is a web where you can enjoy and see more.


May 22, 2012

Art Love vol.3

thehoneycomb offers hair accesories inspired in nature, for weddings, special

 ocassions and more.We are in that time that flowers are everywhere. 

I love the pieces, very cute and girly

thehoneycomb es una tienda de accesorios para el cabello, inspirados en la naturaleza. 

Hay hermosas diademas, tiaras y velos para ocasiones especiales y bodas. Me encantó 

la colección, diversidad de colores y tamaños, tan delicado y femenino. 


May 20, 2012

My Weekends By Cell Phone

Sunday almost ends, this weekend was good, at my home I ate with a friend after our work of university, and we watched the champions Bayern-Chelsea. I went with a friend to theater and a bar. In general I had fun, I saw movies, I made  fruit juices, and more. 
My mother, is coming back at night, let´s see how she spent her weekend, so I hope you had a nice sunday.

Ya se acaba domingo y me la pasé tranquilo. En el fin de semana hice varias cosas,  almuerzo en mi casa después del trabajo social de la Universidad, vi el partido de Bayern contra Chelsea salidas al teatro, a un bar, y estar en casa viendo películas y mas.  Mi madre regresa de su viaje esta noche, así que ya no estaré tan solita. Espero hayan disfrutado el fin de semana.

a view from Mango tree XD.
and I painted my nails with Chili color of Revlon.
for lunch I ate an amazing veggie burgers.
At the bar la Luna, we saw a Sublime special.

In this moment the weather in my country is very moist, rains are
 here all the time. I saw Willy Wonka (one of my favs) Troll Hunter
was very boring, but I like to try new films.


May 18, 2012

Beloved Friday #15

Hello everybody, is Friday and you know what it means:Almost weekend and here another edition of Beloved Friday. If you noticed I made a new layout, yes again, the principal reason is to celebrate that I have 3 years in blog world, so I want a prettier blog, hope you like it. I still learning about web design, maybe in the future I will have a online shop, is my plan but now I keep going with study and practice.

Hola a tod@s, ya es viernes, esto significa casi fin de semana, así que acá la nueva edición de Beloved Friday. Si han notado algo nuevo, es el diseño que terminé el jueves como parte de la celebración de mi blog; ya son 3 años, así que deseaba cambiar de nuevo el estilo para hacer mas lindo mi espacio, espero les guste. Sigo aprendiendo sobre diseño de webs, casi no entiendo mucho, pero me gustaría mas adelante tener una tienda online con este servicio, pero por el momento a seguir estudiando y practicando.

1. I found this super idea. If you like death themes, this is for you.

2. This Amazing post from Lollipops and Roses. By the way I am going to
 appear in her blog with a guest post  next tuesday, so you can not miss it.

3. I just find this online magazine: styled

4. I found this very funny and it's my reality XD.
this is from Tumblr, I don't know who took this photo.

5. During the week I received a package from Spain. Here is
 my new book from Stephen King.

6. This man (Downey Jr.) is awesome, I like him alot, just look at him.

7.  Amazing photo from the Beatles, before the famous one

8. Since yesterday I am a little alone, my mom went out the country with a friend for couple of days, so I will think what to do with this free time, I am like her assistant or helper, not just the daughter.  I have my list, first: Go out to walk with Rory, watch movies, going to mail post office, vintage shopping with friends, take photos and I have a social homework from University in a school, so I am going to be busy.

Desde ayer estoy un poco sola, mi madre salió del país con una amiga, viene en un par de días, así que mientras tengo este tiempo libre, ya que soy como su asistente, no solo la hija jeje, haré lo siguiente: Primero aprovechar en pasear a Rory, ver mas películas, ir a la oficina de correos, comprar algo vintage con algunas amigas, tomar fotografías y tengo servicio social en un colegio, esto es parte de mi trabajo de graduación, así que estaré ocupada. 

10. Tattoo of the week. You can find more persons here


May 16, 2012

Lady Raven Likes Vol.3

*Signe Vilstrup  a photographer based in Denmark. She like to shoot fashion, lifestyle and personalities. Most of her work is about fashion and editorial, but I want to show the dark feeling of some photos that I fell in love, that´s why I showing you this artist.

Para esta ocasión les muestro el trabajo de la talentosa Signe Vilstrup, danesa y fotógrafa. La mayoría de sus fotos se enfocan en la moda, personalidades y estilo de vida, pero tiene unas sesiones con temas muy oscuros, así como me gustan, por ello decidí enseñar un poco de su gran talento en este post de Lady Raven.


May 15, 2012

Ink Love Vol.3

Tattoo Photography by Ira Chernova

Ira Chernova is a Photographer from Moscow, Russia. Currently she lives in Brooklyn, New York.She takes wonderful photos, she also has tattoos, and I loved her self portraits, you can check her deviantart and tumblr to see more about her work.


photos taken by her


May 14, 2012

Fashion monday #7 Bicycles and ladies

*If you are a follower of my blog, you will know that I love vintage and bikes, so I decide to share some photos related with that and fashion, I think is a good oportunity to have fun with your bike, fashion photos can look good with this, maybe because is a cool and healthy transport in many countries. In El Salvador is just for excercise and have fun, not for every day, we do not have rules and streets for bikes. 

In general I think can be a little interesting, another way to show your lifestyle, your freedom, another part of you, but only if you like to ride bicycles, because for me the idea has to be natural, not just because is "popular" unless you are preparing a photo shoot with the subject or you want to sell something ;)


Do you think this is cool or exaggerated?

Si eres un seguidor de mi blog, te habrás dado cuenta que me gusta mucho el vintage y las bicicletas, así que decidí mostrar una pequeña inspiración de moda con bicicletas. Me gusta lo divertido de combinar ropa con este transporte, el cual cada vez es mas popular, algo muy saludable y ecológico. En mi país, El Salvador, tenemos lugares para usarlas, ejercitarnos y divertirnos pero aún no contamos con reglas de transporte y calles especiales, así que no es algo muy urbano.

En general la idea de estas fotos son interesante y bonitas, otra forma de enseñar tu estilo de vida, saludable y a la vez chic. Tiene que ser algo natural, no solo por que es popular, al menos que estés montando una sesión con el tema o desees vender algo.

¿Qué piensas de esto, agradable o muy exagerado?


May 10, 2012

thrifting vintage: Decor+Books

* Yesterday I went with my mom and cousin to look gift and look around the shop if there was something good. I bought cute nesting dolls, and 3 books, one of Dr. Seuss, of film photography and poems for Halloween (I love this holyday). I am very happy with my things, and I only paid like 5 or 6 dollars.

by the way today in my country we celebrate mother's day, I don't know where else, but happy day for this amazing women

El día de ayer fui con mi mamá y una prima a buscar cositas vintage; yo compré unas muñecas rusas y 3 libros, entre ellos del Dr. Seuss, uno de fotografía análoga de la naturaleza (en inglés) y uno de poemas para Halloween (me encanta esta fiesta). No gasté mucho, como unos 5-6 dólares.

Por cierto hoy en mi país celebramos el día de las madres, no se adónde mas, pero feliz día a estas maravillosas mujeres.


May 9, 2012

Rory´s Challenge vol.3

Here are some pics of rory during April

I did not take many XD

Have a nice day

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