Mar 31, 2012

It´s a beautiful day vol.2

I think this is true, I like the font and colors.

*Hi there, I´m very happy today I saw my friends we went at the University to do things related with our final "homework" for graduation, later to eat lunch and we had fun. During this weekend I want to start the desing for my first tattoo ^^ let´s see how it goes that.

Today start the last challenge of March, so I´m thinking in a new one for next weekend, I hope you can join me, and for April I have new categories and one giveaway, you have to wait the prize. 

 Great little things in March? 

1. The first time I went with Rory to the ecology Park with my friends and their pets.
2. Watching movies every wednesday with my friend Luisa 
3. Having a great night with my girls, I tasted again the good flavor of Margaritas.
4. I ate Macarons from France
5. Starting to exercise and eat better (I have a new bicycle)
6. See the Garden with new flowers
7. Dreamed and had new or better ideas for the future.

My digital camera

Remember on Monday I'm going of the city with my mom and I promised some photos, I want to take many photos, because the place is so pretty, Hope you can enjoy your easter holiday, Do you have vacations?  have a nice weekend. 


Mar 30, 2012

Beloved Friday#10

I can´t believe it, is friday, again? and the month is almost over? so fast jeje, but we cannot stop the time, so here is a new edition of beloved friday, enjoy.

1. I fell in love with this tumblr.

2. Do you need a new calendar for April? just go here and download. I love turtles, I have 2 girls and one boy in my house ^^

3. Tea is my favorite drug XD ,yes, yes.

4. Yesterday I went to have a ride on my bicycle at the park, I remember how to ride, but I'm very oxidized, My poor legs, but Is good to have a new hobby.

5. The cute animal of the week. Is not the first time that I said, I wish to have a pet like this.
I found it via instagram 

6. My favorite outfit for this week polka-dots-lace

7. Tattoo of the week. I wish nesting dolls for decor home and maybe a tattoo in my arm, I´m not sure yet but I think can look good on me. In the past I posted about this dolls, you can check here.

I want a russian doll tattoo sooooo bad

8. With my friend Luisa we saw two movies on Wednesday, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (was very good, but I want the books :P) and the Muppets XD very funny and stupid at the same time.

We ate a lot, this is the desert, hot cocoa and sweet bread fill with jelly.

9. This week was full of very good things and other bad, but finally is over and now we have to enjoy the weekend and vacations next week. On monday with my family we are going to the montains, to a place full of beautiful nature, so wait for my photos, I promise to take good ones.  Do you have plans for this easter holidays? besides this trip, I think I´m going to meet my friends and have fun in a restaurant, watching movies or off the city.  

10. I wish buy someday a Hunter boots, I found this week this cuties. 

Have a great weekend

Mar 29, 2012

Thursday inspiration: Bicycles

Una pequeña inspiración de bicicletas vintage y estilo retro :D ya que ando emocionada con arreglar mi nueva bicicleta, pues quiero compartir mi último hobby, andar viendo blogs y flickrs sobre gente que gusta de este deporte y estilo de vida (mas saludable). Estoy pensando en el nuevo color, un rojo, menta u otro tipo de rosa; ¿Qué color les llama mas la atención?

* Here is a tiny inspiration with vintage and retro bicycles, this is my new hobby, searching inspiration for my new bicycle. What color do you think can look good, red, mint or pastel pink? In this time of my life I´m very interesting in urban lifestyle and exercise, I think bikes can be good and fun.
Have a great day


Mar 28, 2012

What I Wore Today: Blue+Polka dots+Platforms

Today I decided to dress up a little bit more elegant, I just had few errands, not too much to do. Later I will meet my friend in her house, I can´t wait to enjoy the night. 

*Skirt and top, Zara
*Leggins, Berhska
* Shoes, Ebay
*Handbag, Liz Claiborne vintage
Accessories, Bijoux a local shop.

Mascara + eyeliner Essence
Blush, Revlon 
Nailpolish, Essence
Lip balm, Esika 


Dear Wednesday

Last wednesday I made cupcakes, this brand have a easy way to make this: Just adding water XD I did not have much time, so this is a nice way to cook.

Most of wednesday I go to my friend´s house, (luisa) to watch movies, maybe is like a traditional moment of our week. Today I will going, but I don´t have idea what movie we are going to watch, stay tune, you can read my twitter and view my instagram.

Last week, I bought snickers chocolate, they were a christmas theme, I love nutcraker and snacks for the movie time. Speaking of shopping I found this cute wooden Dachshund on last thursday in a craft fair, and last but not least I finally got my bicycle.

Is not that bad, but is not vintage type, but I don't care I will redesign this bicycle and it will look more cute, I know is hot pink, but don´t like it, I prefer a pastel color for this estructure, looks retro. I´m happy, and I will show you the advance of this project.


Mar 27, 2012

Tuesday Treasure vintage #7


* Creo que tengo un trauma con este tipo de cazuelas, las he visto mucho por y en otros blog que tratan el tema vintage. En mi casa tenemos un sobreviviente, fue regalo de bodas de mis padres y honestamente antes que me comenzara a gustar el estilo vintage, lo veía bonito pero no tan importante como hoy en día, y es que es parecido a estos modelos; luego les enseño una fotito.

Tenga un feliz día y recuerden que aún existen 3 espacios para patrocinar mi blog, pueden ir a este link para dejar un comentario.

I think I have a crush with this type of pots, I've seen a lot in and other blogs that write about the vintage theme. In my house we have a survivor, was a wedding gift for my parents and honestly before I began to like the vintage style, it looked nice but not as important as today, and which is similar to these models. Later I will show you a photo.

Remember  that March is almost over, in my blog are 3 spots for sponsorship, for free, go here and read.
I wish you a nice tuesday


Mar 26, 2012

My Weekends by Cell Phone

*No logré tomar todas las fotos de mi reto del mes XDD, creo que se me fue la onda, a pesar que lo vivía recordando, pero bueno solo capté uno de mis postres favoritos (chocolate y este es alemán), una colección, en este caso MLP (pequeño pony) y ya, que mala anfitriona, pero espero que se animen y entren el otro fin de semana, prometo fotos completas, para mientras disfruten de el resto de mi fin de semana y pueden leer aquí para participar la próxima.

I couldn't take of the photos for my March challenge, to bad, but I promise next week I will be more responsible, if you want to enter, just read here.
I took my collection (Ponys of Hasbro) and one of my favorite desserts, chocolate (this is from Germany) For the moment enjoy the rest of my weekend.


Mar 24, 2012

What I Wore Today: Polka dots + lace

*I forgot to show you my new oxfords, I bought them last month, they were in a good price and I thought they can look good with my new ASOS dress.

+ Dress, ASOS
+ Tights, Do not remember (sorry)
+ Lace cardigan, Handmade

+Belt and shoes, offbrand
+Handbag, Lolita EGL Livejournal sales
+Accessories, The Dolls Cabinet

*I like this lipstick, my sister gave it to me and is a neutral color for something natural. Sometimes I don´t like to wear much makeup, depends my humor.
I like a lot this dress, I wrote a review about my experience with ASOS, if you want to read it again or you missed it, just go here.

Continue  your saturday, and remember the march challenge.


Mar 23, 2012

Beloved Friday #9

1. I like a lot the hair and style of Emma Stone *___*

2. I want a big collection of vintage cameras, but this cuties also can go in my wishlist. 

3. Recently I found this incredible idea, she have a great collection.

4. New readings: I love bicis blog and Lomos y lomitos, both are in spanish jeje.

5. One movie: My week with Marilyn 
If you follow my twitter maybe you have read that on wednesday I went to a friends house to watch some movies, and this one was my favorite. It´s not a wonderful story, but you can see a great perfomance of Michelle Williams,  I felt  pity and she stole my heart of their low self-esteem, must have been difficult to live under so much pressure and not with real love.

6. The cute animal of this week

7. I found this very cool

8. I want to share again the challenge of March, if you want to participate, just follow the next rules
(I´m thinking in new ideas for the challenge of April)

9. This week was very busy, but I did everything that I had to do, now it´s Friday, so I want relax. I don´t have idea what to do, but on evening I´m going with my mother and friends of her, to a meditation with people that are involve with spiritual stuff, so I am hoping to have a great night with them.  Speaking of evening, yesterdar I go out with some friends from Highschool or my girls, we went at Tony Roma´s, there was a promo on drinks.

I love margaritas

10. The post of this week is: 5 facts, I enjoyed share a few things about my past and present with you 
and I loved your comments about the subject.

Have a nice day, xo.


Mar 22, 2012

I Love Cameras & Photos vol.8: Bits + pieces of my garden.

Today I had a little time to take photos outside. You can see textures, lots of color and green.
I feel happy with this, I want to share the joy of spring and summer, so here is my work. 

Camera: Power Shot SX20IS Canon
Edition: with Photoshop CS5, just more yellow in the 
first and the others are 100% natural 

I love macro photography.

In this category I like to show artist / photographers, so I will try to show sometimes my photography, I promise that. I have to do more errands, so have a nice day... by the way if you want to sponsor my blog during April, I have a promotion, just go read here.


Advertise on Princess Corner in April

March is almost over, so is time to ask if some of you want to sponsor my blog in april? The next month and May will be awsome, because my blog will turn 3 years, so excited, that´s why I want to celebrate with you, I have more about my lifestyle to share and special giveaways.
Continuing with sponsorship, this time is going to be different, I will give the oportunity to someone to grab a space ad for free, so the first 5 comments in this post will be chosen.

*If you are not the lucky person, don't worry, you can sponsor on my blog, but it will be with a trade, you can send me yours and you have to upload my ad, that´s how it works, but if you do not have a sponsor space, you can purchase any size that I offer. *Note: limit of 3 persons to trade ads, size will be the small ad.

*Note: After this promo, the sponsor price of the medium size will be continuing as usual you can go here to check out the info. The size of the M ad is: 200x100, just send me the ad at my email

P.S. Photo by my friend Norma, she gave me some macarons.


Mar 21, 2012

What I wore today: Peter pan neck + rocker boots

I had errands with my mother and my aunt, we went to the embassy of USA and to the Supermarket, was time to shopped. I decided to wear something simple, girly and  with my rocker boots to make something more edgy, I like a lot this shoes. 

+Jeans & Peter pan neck, by Zara
+Top and bag, accesories Offbrand
+Boots, Ebay

I like a lot to make this type of photo, is a good idea to show some of my makeup, is not a big thing, but I like it.

Happy Spring Equinox : My garden + folk music

*Spring is here, and you can see my garden looks so pretty with many flowers in different shades of pinks. My favorites are the roses, they smell so good. I want to show you more of my garden, maybe during the week I will take photos and I have a plann to capture my favorite tree of my country, just wait. 


*It´s time to say goodbye the cold (this just for people who live in the North) because us, the salvadoreans can said goodbye to the clouds and winds, but we do not have snow, always have sun all the year ¬¬, anyway now we can feel more sun and hot during the days, we can welcome to the long walkings, to exercise in the nature, cute dresses and shorts, and much more.
Please enjoy the next song.


Mar 20, 2012

5 Facts

1. when I was a little girl, maybe with 9 or 10 years old I started to have a crush with Anime and Japan, I saw Candy candy, Heidi, Caballeros del Zodiaco (Saint Seiya), Dragon Ball Z, Sailor moon and more. Now is a different story, I can enjoy Anime, I like it a lot,  but I´m not crazy about that anymore XD, don´t get me wrong sometimes I want to watch a new series or look the old ones ^^ I have a confession, I have dvds and cds with series. 

2. Continuing with Japan, first I was very interesting in culture, music, etc. I like a lot the geishas and samurais, that´s probably why I like a lot movies of Akira Kurosawa and the famous Memoirs of a Geisha. In the present I like the idea to live there someday, I talked about that before in this post, also I felt in love with sushi and japanese fashion. 

3. I studied veterinarian for one year and half, I realized that I love animals, but I am not for that job, I was a good student, but my life is art.

4. I had a crush for boys bands (yes I know) my music taste in the present is very different from those years in school, but is funny to remember, in fact also I liked rock bands, but I was more pop girl, OMG , I can´t believe it.

5. I had problems with my choices, now I am more clear about what I want and wish for. Sometime I regretted my career choice, this feeling started last year,  but now I am better with my path, Because if was not for my choice I would not be as I´m, you have to remember that every person is different and I am Luzmaría, so I feel happy now.


ps. Images around google images and Pinterest.
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