Feb 29, 2012

Off the city + spring

Today I´m going out of the city, I have a important family reunion, so please wish me a good trip.

*February finished tomorrow, and spring is coming, that´s why I feel very inspired, here something cute and usefull for you.

I made this calendar for March, my inspiration was easter and my design for the course that I finished last saturday. You can download this Calendar is in PDF. and the size is A4. 
I hope you like it.


Feb 28, 2012

Rory´s Challenge vol.1

*This is my new challenge of 2012My dachshund looks more cute and now she is going to "school" to learn better manners.

*I think her changes are big in compare last year, but she is very tiny now lets see how much she grows in the next month, I think she is going to stay small her father is a toy dog.

Have a great day


Style with socks

*On Friday I received a package with 3 pairs of ankle socks. I decided to take photos with the socks to show you different ways to make nice outfits. 

Ankle socks in black
*Tights, Bershka  *Skirt, Handmade  *Boots, Dr.Martens.

ankle socks in cream
*Dress, Stradivarius  * Pumps, Payless

ankle socks in yellow
*Skirt, Bodyline (Japanese brand)   *Shoes from China.

And the last one is a Bonus, I bought these socks in sales last week,they are very pretty.

ankle socks in Nude from Bershka
*Ankle socks, Bershka *Dress, Zero.de
*Shoes, Ebay.

Tomorrow I'm going out of the city so I not have to much time to write the post of Lady raven. if you like dark-esoterism, just go here and read this categorie.


Feb 27, 2012

Weekends by Cell Phone

*Practically this was my weekend, busy and relaxing.

I finished my course of Illustrator on saturday, I made ice cream and at dinner time I got out with a friend to a taiwanese restaurant. Also I took photos, I will show you tomorrow. On sunday I stayed with my mom, we went to eat, movies, to my godfather´s house we stay to dinner. 

Today I planned draw and paint in the computer, I want do something special for all you, I hope I can finish soon. 

and enjoy sharing your photos.


Much love monday: Ice cream homemade

*On Saturday I made a experiment, Mint ice cream.

*You will need fresh mint (if You have in your garden better, if not, you can go to a market) I am decided to use soy milk because It's more healthy for my mother and me, but if you love the original flavor, you can use cow milk (I enjoy the original too) Other ingredients are sugar (I use brown sugar it's better for your health), whipped cream, and eggs, that's it. 

The result was regular, I have to improve the flavor, my mistake was to use little mint and more milk. Why I´m telling the true? Because I don´t want to lie and say everything turned perfect, I am a normal girl that wants to learn and  want to show you new ideas to make something unique and good, so next time it will be excellent, I promise. 

Here the full recipe

1 Branch mint ( or more,the necessary)
2 glasses of milk
2 glasses of whipped cream
4 egg yolks
2 tablespoon of sugar.

Heat together the milk With The mint Until boil, wait to cool, and put the eggs, whipped cream mix everything, and put the liquid in the refrigerator. Every half hour you have to remove the ice cream to destroy the pieces of ice, making a creamy consistency.

PS. Also I´m thinking to look another recipe, a better one.


Feb 25, 2012

Hot Saturday

*Este día está feo, mucho sol y calor, no suelo ser fanática de este clima, aunque no niego que me gusta cuando hay sol+viento+lluvia al final de la tarde. Hoy terminé mi curso, luego les enseño mi tarea final; debo decir que me quedó bastante bien.

¿Ven esta foto?  el día de ayer "cociné", esperen que muy pronto les cuento mejor acerca de este proyecto. Ahorita me dedicaré a descansar, veré One Day y mas noche saldré con una amiga.


Today is ugly, lots of sun and heat, I'm not usually a fan of this weather, though I do not deny thatI like when the sun + wind + rain late afternoon. Today I finished my course, later show my final task, I must say is pretty good.

The photo above was on Friday, I cooked something special, but later I will talk more about this. Now I´m going to enjoy this afternoon, watching this movie One Day and at evening with my friend we are going out. 


Feb 24, 2012

Beloved Friday#5

1. I love the new print of the lolita brand Angelic Pretty 
Twinkle Carnival series

2. This Sherwin Williams Home Decorator 1960

3. This post from the Drifter and the Gypsy. I love sadles shoes

4. New read: How About Orange

5. I found this vintage shop 

Tea and tulips boutique.
*She is so cute and the clothes looks very pretty.

6. I'm in love of this photo of Nadia
she is from Mexico and she is a lolita (Japanese style life/fashion)

Photo by Leslie-conejo.

7. Me and my new top from Zara.

8. The quote for this week

9. I wish to have this and this

10. She has many cute outfits, I like a lot this type of hats, very 80s. 

11. This week in my blog I wrote about Japanese fashion
and was my favorite, so here is.

12. Don't forget that now I'm calling for sponsors 
go here to read more about it.

Have a lovely weekend 


Feb 23, 2012

Quick update

*Hi friends, sorry today I was busy to write my categorie from thursday. I have a work for my lesson from saturday, and I am very slow because I like to do great things and I had problems with internet.

I talked about my last friday, here just a sneak photo from a perfect day. (I don´t have yet the other photos)

So, you have to wait for the rest 
Now I have a free time, and I´m going out to the movies


Feb 22, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday

*This unique necklace, I like a lot this movie 
and this year I want to read the book.

*Vintage is always welcome to my home

*I wish a Jeffrey Campbell shoes and a straw hat, they are
so cute and perfect for summer.


The Dance of Lady Raven & the Woods spirits

Plague doctors were individuals in the Middle Ages who were given the task of tending to people infected with the plague. In most cases, they were either second rate or under-trained physicians, incapable of maintaining their own practice. Many were not doctors at all, but people of various other employments paid by towns to cater to the sick. 
Plague doctors were employed in various methods when ever plague set in. The earliest documentation of these individuals being hired go as far back as the mid 500s AD. The plague doctor image that we as a general public are familiar with was not seen until the 1600s. It was then that the “traditional” plague doctor costume was created. The costume consisted of a cloak made of heavy fabric covered in wax to protect the doctor’s body, and a mask to keep out the sick air. The masks had a long cone shaped structure at the nose, to be filled with scents that would protect the doctor from the bad air.
Because of the nature of their work, plague doctors often became victims of the plague themselves, or were quarantined for the protection of the public.

Have a nice wednesday


Feb 21, 2012

Calling for sponsors: March

*February is almost ending and now I'm calling new sponsors for the next month:March.
I´m so happy, my blog looks much better and I having fun to write and share my finds, projects, my photos and of course I am happy to have you: my readers. 

For the next month I have some ideas, between them: Ostara-spring inspirations, new challanges that include photos, DIY, and fashion tips. 
I am going to continue sharing my readings (if you missed the last one, click here) also I´m thinking to do something new on weekends, but for now this is it, so if you want to colaborate with me and my blog, feel free to go here, and read more about my advertise rules.


Feb 20, 2012

what I'm reading now

 *Uno de mis propósitos de este 2012 es mejorar mi hábito de lectura, leer una buena cantidad de libros, desde lo más clásico hasta lo más reciente.
One of my purpose to this year is read more, many books as possible 

En esta ocasión estoy disfrutando del primer libro de la trilogía de merlín de Mary Stewart.
During February I´m enjoying the first part of the merlin trilogy by Mary Stewart

*Lamentablemente este mes he estado algo lenta, pero ya voy por la página 200 y espero terminar el libro antes que se acabe Febrero. Tengo pensado siempre enseñar que estoy leyendo, así que esperen mi próximo libro y si conocen títulos o tienen opiniones acerca de los que ya leyeron me pueden escribir y compartir que lecturas les gustan. 
this month I read very little, but I go through page 200 and I hope to finish the book before March. I will always show what I'm reading, wait for my next reading and If you know titles or have opinions about books and authors, you can write me.


Fashion monday #5 From Japan

*La moda japonesa es interesante, ya que combina estilismos de Europa y épocas pasadas. Mencioné en este post que algún día quisiera ir a vivir a Japón, y que emocionante sería poder abrir una tienda vintage como la siguiente.

*I found some links of fashion from japan 

1. Grimoire vintage store.

*Tengo entendido que esta tienda abrió entre 2007-2008; se especializa sobre todo en la estética Dolly kei. Hablaré más adelante acerca de este estilo.
This shop has most of aesthetic Dolly kei.I will share more about this trend, yet later.

2. Syrup

*Hace tiempos encontré fotos de esta marca, pero hasta ahorita conseguí el link de la tienda online y aunque no entiendo nada de japonés me importa poco, que la estética está divina.

*Si se perdieron las fotos del grupo flickr, acá el link, las invito a que cuelguen sus fotos en My Weekends by Cell Phone.
If you missed the pictures of the flickr group, here the link, I invite you to hang your photos in My Weekends by Cell Phone.

Feliz tarde.
Have a great day


My weekend by Cell Phone

*Este fin de semana también estuvo tranquilo, fui a mi curso de Illustrator, luego dormí en la tarde y horas después fuimos con mi mamá a ver películas al garage sale que fui el viernes. Vimos La joven reina (The young victoria) y cenamos. En la noche me dediqué a ver blogs, chatear y escuchar música en el grooveshark (abrí la cuenta durante la semana).

El Domingo desperté con deseos de ver María Antonieta y sentirme como reina, asi que herví agua tome como 3 tasas de infusión de manzanilla y me tiré al sofá. Fui almorzar a un nuevo restaurante coreano, toda una experiencia y al regresar a casa pasamos por un helado. En la tarde pasé planificando lo de la semana, tanto de blog como tareas e instalando los programas de Adobe que me dieron en el curso.

My weekend was peaceful and quiet... most of the time. On saturday I went to my illustrator course,  rested, heard music, and watched a movie the young victoria. On sunday, I wrote and planned the whole week, most of the days, later I watched more movies.

Have a great monday.

If you want to share your 
weekend click here.

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