Aug 31, 2011

Ikea trip

My first time at Ikea :)
In El Salvador we have a nice place to buy funiture, something similar,
but you can't compare, this is huge and more chic, pretty to buy things
for your house.

 good food.

my dream kitchen

Dessert time, yummy

with my mom.

I need to improve my studio space V_V 


Aug 29, 2011

Cold monday

Today began the cold, at least for us, we are people from tropical country :)

 I wore this outfit.

 Swetter from a local store in El Salvador
shorts: offbrand
handkerchief from Zara.

 Tights offbrand and
Dr. Marteen boots.

We went to a big furniture store.


Aug 28, 2011

lovely weekend

I have a great weekend.

here my new summer dress XD yes in El Salvador we have sun almost all the year,
its a tropical country. This it's from Promod, only 5 euros.
I'm glad i bought this dress in Hamburg :D


Aug 26, 2011

just having a good time in Germany

sorry for the lack of post bu I'm in my sister's house here in germany, hamburg.
Here my week.

in the house, lovely Garten.

My outfit.

We went to a pretty park.

 We made choco cupcakes

German bier.

 Center of Hamburg.

 I bougth this two days a go.


Aug 20, 2011

Good bye , good bye

I got out with my girls, We went to dinner
They did That to say good bye. The reason for this is that with my mother on
 Monday we  leave for Hamburg, Germany, where my sister lives

Puerco rico means something like yummy pig or rich pig XD

I'm so excited, is my second time in hamburg
but this time we are going to live with her family and my first nephew
(he is so cute), for a month.

The reason is very personal, but we need to be together like a family
I did not talk about it, when happended, but my father died three weeks ago
it´s a hard time, but we are positive, and life continues... 

I wish you a great weekend.


Aug 19, 2011

World Photography Day

thanks to a friend, I have knowledge about this day :) congrats
to every person that loves to take photos like a hobby
or profesional, freelances, etc.

Please have fun always with this amazing "toy".


Aug 17, 2011


I took this two photos, its a suitcase from my aunt gramma, 
she is in heaven now, but i love her suitcases. 
I went to my Gramma´s house last 
weekend, I took a lot of  photos, later I will show them.

I think you are guessing that i will make a trip very soon .
i would talk about that later. 
have a nice evening. 


Aug 16, 2011

Etsy inspiration vol.1

Sorry for the lack of post, but now I´m busy
next week I´m going with my mom out of El Salvador
but I would talk about my trip later.

Etsy always inspire me
wonderful, don´t you think?

Wow, october it´s coming ^^


Aug 11, 2011

Beloved Artist of the Week #8

by  Helen Dardik 

"Being creative is necessary
life is too short"

I think that she has a great point of view 
also she is a incredible artist
I knew her from Etsy, when I found this cute illustration.

I love the colors, her style is very joyful and sweet.

This week I searched more about her work
and you can follow her life and work on oneluckyhelen 
and her blog 


Steampunk is magical

This two outfits are from time ago
they have a combination of lolita (japan) with steampunk.
I made them on polyvore, you can follow me

I had this idea when I saw Journey to the center of the earth (The Disney version)
I love steampunk, its fantastic and very elegant.

Also this year I found a new band, but there are just two songs
this guys/girls are working a lot with the new material.

If you are looking interesting music, please
just enjoy.


Aug 10, 2011

coupon code for the dolls cabinet

Hello my dears, today I want to share
the coupon code for my esty shop


You will get 15% off
Happy shopping

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