Jun 30, 2011

Shopping with my sister

Yesterday we had time to go at the mall
my sister is visiting us in El Salvador, so she decided  look gifts
for her husband and new clothes, because she recently had a baby
and she needed new jeans.

We went to the shops pull and bear, stradivarius and levis jeans. 

here my gifts 

Dress from Stradivarius
bracelet from Pull and Bear.


Jun 29, 2011

Lolita celebration on June

I forgot to show you, my photo wearing the 
 dress from Dream of Lolita 

In June we celebrate Lolita day and we had a great time that day 

 Nana and me :D


Jun 28, 2011

Enjoying a nice Sunday

On Sunday I went with some good friends to eat,
to eat a lot actually.
was a great day, I had fun like ever.  I love my girls.

and later we ate desserts, sandwiches and drink Chai Tea


Tuesday Tresaure Vintage #1

The last sunday I found at Etsy, this lovely 


          Have a lovely tuesday



Jun 27, 2011

Emily Temple Cute (summer 2011)

Finally I could down the spoon magazine
from japan wich sometimes have cute photoshoots
today I present you the new collection
from the brand Emily Temple cute (ETC)

I wish someday have one dress, but to expensive and small size T_T but in the future
I think they are going to do bigger sizes, if they want to go to others countries.

enjoy the rest of monday ;)


Jun 26, 2011

Much love monday (Wall Dishes )

This monday I love wall dishes
and here some of them

I found some vintage dishes at Etsy

1. Apple Pear nut Plate
2. wildlife deer decor dish
3. French Porcelain
4. Plate Charlotte Pattern Plum

At my parents house,  we have some of them
I´m going to do another post, later.

Have a nice monday.


Jun 24, 2011

Beloved Artist of the Week #1

I decided to do a special post every friday  :3
about  artists like graphic designer, of fashion, inner designer, illustrators and more.

here the first, she is a fashion designer

Alexandra Grecco

I love the heart dress, reminds me  Luella Bartley :3
very simple, pretty, chic and sweet.

                             this photo courtesy by Cherry Blossom Girl

 Save Her Soul Eyelet Dress 


Jun 23, 2011

Faerie Wedding

Recently I like searching wedding inspirations, because they are cute and
I want someday work in this area, I want to be prepared
so I found in another blog, (I don´t remember wich one T_T sorry)
a lovely pic of a girl like a fairie

here, enjoy the work of Tricia Fountaine 
Photos by Elizabeth Messina 



Jun 22, 2011

Aussie love

Today my new shampoo came to my door, plop, actually the mailman gave it to me
:) I am so happy, I want to try this product since January 
and now I can.

Aussie it is a brand from Australia, and I read about the quality,
 it´s supose is one of the best at the market.
Of course the product is not equal to each person, depending 
on hair type and care.

however, I tell you the results in my hair


Jun 21, 2011

Nowwatching (Downton Abbey)

Weeks a go I found this amazing show, is a British 
television period drama series call Downton Abbey

The story begins with news of the sinking of the Titanic, 
one of the heirs dies, thats why they need found a new one.

I like the idea, the accent, locations, clothes,
 it is very interesting, i recomend it

Charlie Cox, I love him (in the firts episode)

Now I watching the episode 6.

Have a great day.


Jun 20, 2011

I want to be a doll part. 2

I Showed lots cute dolls in the past  i-want-to-be-doll

Here, more adorable photos :3

Happy Saturday 


Jun 16, 2011

Another day of 2011

I´m sorry for the lack of post
right now I am living some family health problems
so I can´t be in my house all the time.

I Hope you have nice week, happy thursday to everybody.

I love macarons :3

I made two necklaces of them, here: 


Jun 12, 2011

Much love monday (Pink lemonade)

Another week of much love monday :D
Today the drink more cute and yummy, Pink lemonade
I found this pretty photos.-

Enjoy them



Jun 9, 2011

Craft-studio room ideas

Now I have more time, so I want to do something new in
my craft-studio room.... maybe new color, organize and 
girly details :D

I found some pics  to take ideas
and make a plan

I love the organization from this room

cute cat jejeje.

This colors looks great :D

pink power.

Do you have a room for your craft, studio or similar?
If you have, you can show me photos from the place or ideas to do my room


Jun 8, 2011

Etsy inspiration

I took this photo last month 
I will show  later the other pics

Drinking: Hot cocoa
Weather: Almost Raining
Watching: Mist of Avalon
Wearing: my new Croos shoes,  bubblegum pink color 

Here some cute finds at Etsy,
Have a good night.

I wish to buy things like this for my studio  romantic-red-trio-of-frames
I must remember this word  Keep calm  because I have bad temper XD
I am in love of this dress  cotton-heart-dress-black  lovely isn´t?
My collection must to increase vintage-1970s-tea-for-2


Jun 7, 2011

Darling Clementine (paper empire)

I never said this before, but I love vector design, in fact
I want to learn, so I want to download illustrator
sometimes I believe I am more into graphic design than decoration XD
but l am designer, so I can learn many things ;) 

here a example of a design studio that I found recently
I think the style is very simple, but cute, ingenius and lovely.


Jun 6, 2011

My shop updated

I made another version of gothic-rose earings :D
this time in dark blue-grey.

And the other good news is that some of my items
are going to sell at a local rock store from El Salvador, my country
the store is from a friend, and I have to prepare all the accesories 
I have work to do.-

Have a good night.


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