Sep 30, 2011

A vintage Fairy Tale

I am spending the last days that we have here in Germany :D
so my sister took us to a vintage store,  was wonderland.

My first time to a real vintage store, to bad I could not find bigger size of the dresses
that I felt in love. Finally I bought a cute pull over

 We end the shopping adventure at Starbucks

Enjoy your weekend!!


Sep 27, 2011

German style

 Days ago I went to a restaurant to eat german food
and drink beer, everything was so good.

The old city.

The place was really pretty, reminded me
something between pirate and folk tale from here.

My mom and sister

Me with the beer container

are you guessing what we ate? well, 
that is a pig knee, very yummy

Gute beer!!


Sep 23, 2011

Guest post: Scathingly Brilliant

During my vacation I want to introduce you the
lovely kate gabrielle from Scathingly Brilliant
She made this inspirational post for my blog, enjoy, please.

Now that fall is here, I'm getting more and more excited about
traditional autumn fashion staples, like scarves, corduroy, colorful tights, 
sweaters and sweatshirts!  I'm also especially smitten with stripes and 
leopard print this year as well. I'd be pretty happy if my whole wardrobe this fall 
reflected the style  of my favorite 60's movie starsin these photos! :)

I love Anna Karina's bright red tights and comfy sweater!

Charlotte Rampling was so effortlessly cool!
I love her giant glasses & fitted top.

I think I could live in a comfy sweater, patterned tights and
a-line skirt, like Hayley Mills!

 I love Jane Fonda's pigtails and AMAZING beethoven sweatshirt!

Knee highs, a sweater dress and a big cozy coat!
I basically want to steal Julie Christie's entire outfit!

Monica Vitti's corduroy coat looks so comfortable and autumn-like. 
I love the cocoa color paired with the black scarf.

I adore the collar on Natalie Wood's sweater, and it looks so cozy!

I'd love a faux fur version of this entire outfit.. so chic!

Of course a 60's style post wouldn't be complete without Twiggy!
I love her striped dress so much, and those cute little
t-strap flats are to die for! (Me: I think her shoes are amazing)

Thanks Kate, I love the post :D
Have a nice weekend!!

Sep 22, 2011

Thursday inspiration

Everything from Tumblr, you can follow me thedollscabinet.tumblr

Have a great evening ;)


Sep 21, 2011

Let me dream Giveaway

I want to win this giveaway, I love nailpolish!!!

You can check her blog, she is so chic


Sep 20, 2011

My weekend

 On Saturday
We went to have a brunch to a Portuguese restaurant 
then we walked and bought accesories.

 New Tights from H&M

I Ate Croissant and drank a Chai Latte, was
very soft and good.

On Sunday 

With my mom and sister we went to a Handmade Design Market
Looky Look

 Outfit: Zara Dress
Tights from Leg Avenue and sweeter from H&M

I Took a Photo with her, I was in love of her work and
clothes, very chic and vintage.  She make incredible hats, berets and more
 the design of her work reminds me retro-vintage cabaret-Gothic style.

to finish the afternoon we went to the Port of Hamburg.
 I saw big ravens :3 I like that bird, I don't relate them with bad things.



Sep 17, 2011

I'm really into this weekend

I want to make a quick post
Today we went to have a brunch, so good!!
then I bought this

Bijou Brigitte it's a nice accessory shop

and tomorrow I will go to my first design market, at the center of Hamburg
later, I'll show the event :D so happy

 I hope you have a great day.


Sep 16, 2011

BBQ party

 It's Friday yey!! weekend it is here again
what's your plans? I don't have any yet, just ideas
I want to show you my last weekend, we ate a good BBQ, potatos,
sweet corn (I didn't XD) drinks like wine, rum, beer, and good company

Have fun tomorrow, take care


Sep 15, 2011

Thursday fashion inspiration

I want lace, lace and lace :D

 Wow, Dita is amazing woman!!

 I found this girl at Tokyo I am a big fan of Japan style.

and finally the new print from BTSSB 
a lolita JSK, witches and cats, cute!


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