Jul 13, 2011

Lovely Blog Award

Today I´m glad to anounce that
the blog Girls are made of sugar gave me
an award ^^ thank you girls.

and now my turn, i have to choice 15 blogs, 
here my list.

The people choosed, have to do the same, 15 blogs and share 7 things
that anyone have no idea.

1. I have flat feet
2. I have a big crush for long hair guys 
3. I love to watch cooking Tv shows, but I´m not good on that.
4. I have a passion for antique time
5. I used to study Veterinary, but I changed, art is my world.
6. I am more spiritual, i´m not religious.
7. Sometimes I have in my mind to many ideas, and I don´t have idea where to start.

ps.  with a comment  must tell the winners that they have award



  1. awe awe awe!!!! thank you!!!! you're so sweet!!!!

    allister bee blog

  2. thank you! that is very sweet :)
    xo moorea


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