May 24, 2011

Mori girl inspiration vol1.

This japanese style is very interesting, not a 100% my favorite, 
but it is cute and very inspirer

Mori girl means something like girls of the forests :D

The definition of them is:

  1. to have fluffy and curly hair
  2. to wear low heeled shoes
  3. to like to layer their clothes
  4. to want to go to North European countries someday
  5. that their favorite seasons are Fall and Winter
  6. to prefer to wear ethnic styles or a little peculiar loose dresses, and cover their body line.
  7. to not expose their bodies.
  8. to wear turtlenecks which are ordinary in Winter
  9. to prefer to go to Cafes.
  10. to be charmed by good old-fashioned goods.
Well it is a example, just remember  every person is a world.

For more cute photos, you can visit this tumblr:ohyeahmorigirl
and on livejournal: morigirls

Take care.

1 comment:

  1. Me encanta el estilo Mori,es super bonito1


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