May 31, 2011

A forgotten memory Photoshoot by Ruzu

I took this photos last month, but I was very busyNow I can show my new work, and hoping that people like it and read good or bad (to do a better work) comments. I love photography, but i´m a amateur, I´m learning and the process is fun :D

Please enjoy it 

Models: Morbidoll and Nana chan (my friends)

Stylish: Nana Chan and me
Edition and photography by Ruzu (me) :D
Location: Flor Blanca (El Salvador)
 is a very old residential.

If you want to look more of this set, here: Princess corner flickr


May 29, 2011

Much love monday (Navy-nautical)

Today I want to share this, isn´t cute?

from Ikabags

This season its about beach, blue sky, hot and cold drinks

I want more stripes tees, and have fun, thats it :D

Have a lovely monday.


May 26, 2011

Small post (happy friday)

Hello :D Have a great day everyone
 I want to show you one of my favorites TV show

Two posters of the new season 4

I am in LOVE of ALexander Skargard!!
 later I will talk about him :3


May 24, 2011

Mori girl inspiration vol1.

This japanese style is very interesting, not a 100% my favorite, 
but it is cute and very inspirer

Mori girl means something like girls of the forests :D

The definition of them is:

  1. to have fluffy and curly hair
  2. to wear low heeled shoes
  3. to like to layer their clothes
  4. to want to go to North European countries someday
  5. that their favorite seasons are Fall and Winter
  6. to prefer to wear ethnic styles or a little peculiar loose dresses, and cover their body line.
  7. to not expose their bodies.
  8. to wear turtlenecks which are ordinary in Winter
  9. to prefer to go to Cafes.
  10. to be charmed by good old-fashioned goods.
Well it is a example, just remember  every person is a world.

For more cute photos, you can visit this tumblr:ohyeahmorigirl
and on livejournal: morigirls

Take care.

May 22, 2011

Much love monday (

I like a lot this place, you can find a lot of vintage, supplies and others

Have a great monday and don´t forget 

May 20, 2011

My lolita dress is here

I´m so happy :D my Sugary carnival replica (lolita style) its here.
I decided to buy it, because I don´t fit in the real one
and because I don´t have that money :S

Looks pretty 

have a great saturday

May 18, 2011

I wish you a nice thursday

I'm confused about my work, but everything happens for a reason.. so maybe
I´m going to have a break...

Today I want to share some of my photos from
past weeks ; we had many rainning days

after the storm :D lovely sky 

May 16, 2011

Irene Orozco (photograher)

She is from Spain :D 
I like her style, most of  photos are lolita style

here her deviantArt: Gurololi

Have a nice day.

May 15, 2011

Much love monday (Lolita shoes)

:D have a great monday

I wore this yesterday ;) and you can see much better
my pink Lolita shoes (RH)


May 11, 2011

searching talent vol.1

I love dark photography
here a example :D

Her real name is Sara Reid
and she is from England.

check her flickr:  Yuki doll

Have a great day.

May 8, 2011

Much love monday (tea)

Espero que este lunes sea un buen comienzo de semana :D

Adoro el te, por lo tanto este día enseño estas lindas fotos de flickr.

My favorite drink is tea :D I enjoy many kinds
green, white, english breakfast, chai, more..

Esta imagen me encantó, tanta vajilla divina y ricos postres.
entre mis bebidas favoritas están el té negro inglés, verde, blanco, chai y otros.

Have a great monday.

If you want to enter: My weekends by Cellphone

May 6, 2011

Have a nice weekend

I´m happy because  finally the weekend is here
but I have to work on sunday T_T to bad.

Do you like shoes? who girl doesn´t

I found this lovely shop

Estos son los zapatos que encontré en la tienda del link anterior
quisiera todos XD; por lo que veo algunos son replicas de diseñador
a mejor precio, pero no he averiguado cuánto el envío :S

Feliz fin de semana.

May 4, 2011

Almost weekend

I can´t believe :D almost weekend... again 
 this year are going fast.

Ya se está terminando la semana; algo rápido va este año :S
Vean el nuevo collar para mi tienda etsy, pueden visitar el link de abajo.

Here a new necklace for my etsy store, it will be later
see  more of my collection: 

The color looks like gray or black, but is a dark, dark blue :D
something "gothic", more colors soon.

Otros colores muy pronto... para mientras vean mas de la colección.



May 2, 2011

Cleaning May

El domingo pasado sude un poco, estuve sacando aquello que ya no sirve
o para regalar.

Estos son los zapatos que me quedaron para el uso diario :S tengo mucho negro.
Vienen en camino 2 pares, unos jeffrey Campbell en gris y unos botines Dr. Marten.

Last Sunday I sweat a little, I was taking what did not work
or whatever it was to give away.

These are the shoes that were for daily use: S I have a lot of black.
2 pairs are on the way, a gray Jeffrey Campbell
and Dr. Martens boots

Me fijé que tengo varias carteras rojas pero ya no tengo zapatos rojos ajajaja
urgentemente necesito un par XD.

I noticed that I have several red bags but I have no red shoes ajajaja
urgently need a couple XD.

My new dress :D from a local store.

Nuevo vestido, para estos tiempos de calor.

No olviden mi proyecto de Flickr ç
Check my Flickr project

May 1, 2011

Russian Harper's Bazaar :D

I love Dita Von teese :O she looks amazing in this edition

just look at her 

Nice photo.

Have a nice sunday :D

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