Apr 26, 2011

Vacations part.1

La semana pasada estuve en casa haciendo lo que mas me gusta
dedicarme al arte, salir, comer, dormir, ver TV y claro
navegar por internet hasta decir ya no.

Aproveché en ir al concierto de Helloween y Stratovarius.

 Friends :D

Last week I had some vacations, I did a lot 

Iwatched TV

I ate good food
sleep so much
sailing on the net
and I had some fun

I wen to a rock concert : Helloween and Stratovarius.. was amazing!!


Here more from the Dolls Cabinet
Skulls earings.

Have a nice day

Apr 24, 2011

Much love monday (combat boots)

What else I should said??

I bought this pair of Dr. Martens one month a go
finally they are in my power XD

Dr.martens rules 

This was my outfit from last thursday.
You can check my chictopia: http://www.chictopia.com/Ruzu

Have a great monday
T_T vacations are over!!

Flea Market Finds (tea cups)

Hola :) Feliz domingo de pascuas!

Les quiero enseñar mis nuevos tesoros
unas hermosas tazas para el té.

Here my flea market find :3
aren´t lovely?
I am a big fan of tea, so I want a big tea cups collection

Have a great easter sunday


Apr 22, 2011

another friday of vacation

Hola, ya es viernes y solo me queda el fin de semana T_T
luego regreso al trabajo.

Tengo otros dos nuevos collares para mi tienda de etsy.com
aún no están disponibles, pero quería enseñar las fotos.

Además una foto de mi nuevo proyecto :D
fui con unas amigas lolita a tomar fotos; la colonia es antigua y el estilo
arquitectónico es neo-gótico.

Tengo trabajo que hacer.


Hello, This is my last weekend, I have to come back to work :(

my vacation are almost ending, but thats the reality.

Here my new necklaces, from The Dolls Cabinet
They will be at etsy, so you can purchase later.

I have news: I made photos and you must wait XD

but, here one example about the theme
some lolitas friends were my models, and we went to a old house
the style of them are neo-gothic, its a lovely place.

Have a nice day!!.

Apr 19, 2011

Treasury inspiration: etsy.com

En Etsy.com me gusta ver, ya sea vintage o algo handmade
pero puedes guiarte con la ayuda de los tesoros (treasury) uno hace una lista
y colocas los links que mas convengan, así como el siguiente ejemplo:

Do you like treasury?  you can find a lot of this at Etsy.com
Its a good way to search items, like handmade or vintage
is easy and very cute. Every treasury, has a theme.

Have a nice tuesday ;)


Apr 17, 2011

Much Love Monday (Sushi lover)

Feliz lunes para todas :D
Para este lunes, elegí sushi, ya que es de mis comidas predilectas
es tan delicioso, que no me aburre.


I love sushi, so for today, I uploaded this pics

Have a nice day


Apr 15, 2011

Have a nice weekend.

Its saturday :D thank God. Have a great weekend, and remember if you want to
join at my flickr project, you have to take photos with your
iphone, bb, or another type of cellphone, and upload here

Check my favorites for today

I see owls everywhere (I made this treasury)
spring dress (I need it *_*)


Apr 14, 2011

New items from The Dolls Cabinet

Hello girls :D

Look the new necklaces

Check my store: The Dolls Cabinet

this one its not yet at the etsy, but will be.

I wore this on sunday, and took the new necklace.
 I love my new Dr. marteen boots.

have a nice day.

Hair tutorial

Paso rapidito a mostrar este peinado que encontré navengando en tumblr :D
intentaré hacermelo luego jeje.

cute :D I want to try later

Have a nice day.

Apr 7, 2011

Thursday inspiration

A lovely kitchen room!!

Spring, spring!!

Behind de scene of the fashion lookbook from adore


awwww I wish to eat in that place.

photos cortesy: tumblr, blogs and flckr.

Have a great day!

Don´t forget to check my new project on flickr.

last entry I showed photos from my last weekend

related with that: My weekends by cellphone


Apr 4, 2011

My weekend, by Black berry

I am starting a new group at flickr
my weekends by cellphone.

If you want to join it, please click here:

I have a bb cellphone, it doesn´t have the most amazing camera, but its fun
specially that sometimes I can´t take my canon to everywhere :S and it is very heavy, I don´t have a chic bag yet XD

This is my first post with photos from my bb, the quality its not to good, and
It does not have flash, but just take a look :D


in the morning

looking my turtles

getting ready

Drinks with some friends.

at a restaurant

Dinner time

my lovely girlfriends :3

will continue...


Apr 3, 2011

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