Mar 30, 2011

Modcloth shop inspiration

I found this online store, last year, but until now I fall for it
I like everything of this web, OMG I wish more money.

there is a group where you can upload your photos wearing
clothe, shoes and more of this store.

I want it :O

Have a great day :D


Mar 28, 2011

Polish nail review

Last week I bought a new polish nail
the color : Plum *_* I love it
My favorite color at the moment is black and this one

The brand name is Orly, Its my first item from this brand
I checked the web, and they also have another products.

At the beauty salon, I saw many colors,
I think its very good product, it dry fast and is

You can see more about Orly polish nails here:

There are many styles like metalic, sweet, hot stuff, more....

I wish aqua, cotton candy, gray, etc. :D


Mar 27, 2011

Much Love Monday (Sweet macarons)

For today :D Lovely and yummie macarons.

This book must be mine!!!

I wish to go at Laduree and eat them :3

If you want necklaces with macaron made of fimo- check my store:

Have a lovely monday


Mar 24, 2011

Buff monster

I had a very hard week, to much work :S
but here I am

this time with an interesting artist
his project: Buff monster
He likes pink, heavy metal, ice cream and japanese culture

Mar 21, 2011

I want to win a Diana Mini!

I found this blog and its very cool!!

Look the giveaway.

I want to win a Diana Mini.

Visit "The Dianty Squid" to enter this Giveaway

When? March 21th - 25th.

How? Enter by simply leaving a comment telling us your favorite item from the lomography shop! Pretty pretty please make sure you leave a valid email address so we can contact you if you win.

Extra Entries? Of course! You can earn one extra entry by posting about this giveaway on your blog, tumblr, myspace, twitter, etc. Just leave a SEPARATE comment on this blog post for each entry!

Who can win? ANYONE, anywhere in the world!


So if you want to enter, just follow the links ;)
I really want it :3, My fav of the store is the white one, so perfect!! don´t you think??

or in aqua XD

Have a good day


Mar 20, 2011

Much Love Monday (roses)

I love roses, they are pretty
feminine, romantic :3

Have a lovely day


Mar 16, 2011

Summer I love you

Snidel summer 2011

Isn´t cute?

I want more polka dots in my closet.
and I want to try different colors, but sometimes I´m not sure XD

Snidel it´s a brand from Japan
speaking of Japan, you must look this link
if you want to participate tomorrow :D

Have a nice day


Mar 15, 2011

For Japan, With Love

Hello girls, follow the next link please, its a nice idea from another blogger :D
Take care and have a nice day!!

For Japan, With Love

Mar 13, 2011

Much Love Monday (vintage cameras)

I decided to join in on Much Love Mondays hosted by Anna at Much Love.

Today and always I am loving vintage cameras :D

I like the antique and romantic about it; the combination of fashion+cameras and
the final product of film.

Have a nice day



Ps. You must see my new desing
follow the next link and please score :D

Mar 10, 2011

My last obbsesion

Do you know my love for cute animals??
well I have a big obsesion for one little "pet", it is exotic, I know is not ok to buying this type, anyway we don´t have this one in my country. :D


just look

I found a web with great information, of what type of hedgehog you
can have in your house, but is in spanish.

so pretty!!.

Girls please help with my design challenge, i put the link in the last entry :D

Have a great friday!!


Mar 4, 2011

My Litte pony at night!!

Girls yesterday I took my camera and again I experiment
I have a small collection of my little pony *_*
Here they are, this time at dark hours.

Have fun this weekend and remember help me with my desing
here the link.


Mar 1, 2011

Please give your vote :3

Hello Ladies :D
Today I want to ask all of you a big favor, if you want it of course

I don´t have a big drawing style or skills
but sometimes when I inspired, I think I can do
artistic things.

Please Can you give me your vote on this desing
that I made last year :D

the link.


Have a lovely day ;)

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