Feb 28, 2011

Another item arrived

:D My new lolita skirt
its in my room
The quality isn´t the best, but the print its lovely,
a replica of a big brand
I think its fine for the price that I payed.
The fabric its cotton, but I think its polyester also

On sunday I went to a mall to meet a girl who
bought a necklace from my online store :D

I wore my new shoes.

Here the item.

Later I went with a good friend to have ice cream
and dinner.


Feb 27, 2011

Sunday morning!!

I just woke up
and I ate something like this.

Have a nice day ;)


Feb 24, 2011

Have a great friday

I bought this on ebay months a go
finally in my hands

bumpits insert for volumizing the hair :D

Yesterday I wore this shoes at work jeejejej so cute

Please enjoy your day

P.s remember I have new collection at my facebook store
The Dolls Cabinet.

Feb 22, 2011

For girls who love street fashion

I like to search real people who enjoy to show their clothes
this entry for one of my favorite girls from lookbook.

Her nickname is Yuki doll
and she is from United kingdom :D

I love this lolita outfit :D i´m a big fan of red color.

This is my favorite, maybe because I love black and lace
and the lovely vintage camera.

I think she is a chameleon!!!

you can see her at


Have a pretty day.


Feb 19, 2011

DeviantArt favorites ;)

Its Saturday ;)

and here some pics of my fav album.


Feb 15, 2011

Finally they are here ^^

Today I came to home and
I found a package *_*
my lovely RH shoes
that I bought last month

look at them.

So cute!! the only problem mmm they are pink XD
I like this color, its one of my fav.
but I asked them in red, anyway
I don´t care.
I will buy another pair in the future ajaja

Have a great day tomorrow

Feb 12, 2011

Happy monday everyone

Hello girls!

Have a wonderfull Valentines day :D

Nice effect with my cam :3

A friend gave me this pic jejee, very sweet guy

Have fun tomorrow!


Feb 8, 2011

Again Wednesday?

Its just me, or the days are going
to fast :S, anyway...
I want weekends to do some photos, art and go out
with friends ;)

Let me show you a web that I found

You can see a lot of good clothes
very vintage.

Have a nice day.


Feb 6, 2011

Just working with fimo

Have a nice monday everybody :D
The past days I worked with fimo for
my new collection of jewelry


More to come ;)


Feb 3, 2011

Shopping time

sorry for the lack of post XD but sometimes I just want to read every blog that I love,
and I always forgat to write on my own.

Today after work I went to buy clothes and accesories :D

my favorite *__*

Everything from Pull and bear, and Bershka

Have a good day

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