Jan 30, 2011

I love my weekends

I had a great time :D
On saturday I went to a rock concert at a bar
I saw a great bands

On sunday I have a lunch with my family and uncles.

mmmm very good!!

and looks this cat was there at my house jejej
I wish for a black one.

I´m working in my store project, later I am going to show you
examples of the new collection

Have a nice monday


Jan 27, 2011

Finally friday

Hello :D I´m happy because I got a future client
the next week I have the meeting
wish me good luck.

I´m working with fimo again, I want to continue
my small brand.

Have a lovely friday.

Jan 25, 2011

Room inspirations

Hi there :D
I´m working at a decoration and furniture store, so I decided
upload pics that I found this days.
Every room has something nice, very inspirer.

Ghost chair :D

Red. looks perfect in this room.

Black please ^^

very neutral.

awww cute dogs in a pretty entryway.


Jan 23, 2011

Give me a drink and cake :D

I have so much fun with my friends.

On Friday I went to a mexican restaurant, for a birthday dinner

and yesterday I had another birthday dinner XD but I know her from University
she has a lovely house, very 60s

Hope you girls have so much fun this weekend :D


Jan 19, 2011

tutu inspiration

Almost weekend, and here I just waiting friday for party, yeah!!

I like ballet, and you

by ~deija from DeviantArt

I took this one in my photo class, last year

by cometa24 DeviantArt

Have a nice day

Jan 16, 2011

Sunday I Love you

Hello!! I feel better, not 100% but I don´t care XD

I like sundays now, becouse is the day to do nothing
tomorrow again to work :S

Today I took some pics

Here enjoy


My dog Cahui, she was trying to sleep

Some delicious white tea :)

The pretty moon

Jan 12, 2011

Emo mode on

Yes I feel so sad

Love.... sucks!!


Jan 10, 2011

Dear monday

Hello, another week and here I´m remembering a japanese cartoon
I love Card Captor Sakura

Have a nice day. :D

Its a cute opening!


Jan 1, 2011

Happy new year :)

I wish you all the best :)
I hope you had a wonderfull time with your family
and friends!!


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