Dec 30, 2010

Just saying hello

I´m better now :)

I want to show you a few pics that I took in the Metal fest
that I went before christmas

I have a friend who plays drums ^^

check their music in the next websites, this two metal band are the best
in my opinion and taste XD from my country El Salvador.

please enjoy!!



Have fun tomorrow

Dec 28, 2010

Almost the End

Hello!! I´m sorry for the lack of post
but I´m sick T_T I feel better now.

I wore this on Christmas :)

The hat is vintage
the bag: Liz claiborne vintage
tights: Zara
and everything offbrand and handmade

I Got a Job,
and I begin at January 3thr. so I need rest
2010 it almost finish, I need to think about the best and worts of this year
but I ´m really thankfull.

Have a nice day ;)

Dec 24, 2010

Happy Yule/chritsmas

I wish you a wonderfull time
and a nice holidays!!!!



Dec 22, 2010

I want to be a Doll

I love this type of dolls! i don´t have money for this, maybe someday
I prefer collecting photos, they are a good inspiration :)

I have a good news, I got a Job
I have to start inJanuary yey!


Dec 20, 2010

Hello monday

Hi everybody, How was your weekend?

Mine was ok.

I went to a lolita "picnic"

Was a pretty day

We ate to many sugar XD and drank

My outfit, tights from Zara
everything else handmade and offbrand.


Dec 15, 2010

Tea time for me please

The Tea Cup

The rising sun, flickered through the bare
branches of the trees.
A few birds perched on the branches.
She sat there looking, pondering, wondering.
Her fingers, wrapped around the cinnamon
stick, stirring her tea.
She thought about her life, she yearned to
free, as she raised to her lips,
The cup of tea. -

Anonymous Author.

*___* I´m a big fan of tea
I have on my mind to do every photo when I take the snack
and afternoon tea, just for fun and because I enjoy that type of pics.

I like to collect photos where shows a cup of tea
pretty and nice desserts, books, etc.

"Tea that helps our head and heart.
Tea medicates most every part.
Tea rejuvenates the very old.
Tea warms the hands of those who're cold."

J. Jonker, Amsterdam, circa 1670.

Tea its my favorite drug *__* by me XD

Also let me share this link:

I found this amazing site, where you can find many tea food recipes
tips for a tea party, quotes and more.

Have fun today

Dec 14, 2010

Artist of today: Liza Corbett

Hello :) Here I ´m with cold and with a cup of green tea

Today I want to introduce or if you already know her,
just see again her amazing work


She is a designer and illustrator that lives
in New York city.

"I’m inspired by fairy tales, operas,
fashion design, so many things."


Dec 11, 2010

My wishlist ??

Well I want many things XDD

1. I want next year continue photography lessons
2. to increase my only shop
3. better health
4. love ^^
5. to finish my final paper from college
6. to travel

I have more in my list, but right now a wonderful lolita JSK, its a replica
because I don´t fit in the original :/ its to small for my body, and sorry I need that print
its my DREAM.

I´m waiting if they decide to make it.
but I am in the list ;)

a new lolita shoes, the famous Rocking Horse

A pair of tights and socks
because i´m a fan of them, and many is never enought

From ETC (emily temple cute)

A Dr. marteen boots, I wish the flower print
aren´t lovely?

another heart bag

A Chanel bag T_T this it is impossible, to expensive
but I now there are other similar XD

A cotton candy maker, I love this candy
and I think its fun to have one of this at home

Maybe I just need more money XD

Have fun this weekend

Dec 8, 2010

a christmas time

finally in my house we put the christmas tree

Just with the lights.

My rompope and the decoration.
This time we used pink-fucsia and gold



Dec 6, 2010

pretty jewelry

Hi there!!
I want to present you a store from my country, the owner is a talent girl
she is a jewelry designer ^^
the materials that she use are g fussed glass and ceramic
so beautiful

check this photos that I took last weekend at a presentation of many designer from here


for more info check her facebook

i´m not sure if she sells around the world

Have a nice day ;)

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