Nov 19, 2010

Camaragirl-interview vol.1

This is the surprise that I was talking in the last post, I made a interview to a pretty nice freelance photographer call Kitty Gallannaugh

I hope that you can enjoy this as I did.
Hello, Thank you very much for agreegin to answer my questions
It's a great honor for me to know more about you and that those who read this blog know of the great artist behind the camera

Name Kitty Gallannaugh
Age 20
Country England
Profession/ Photographer

When you became interesting in photography?
I first became interested when I received my first camera when I was 6 years old. I would take photos of everything in my daily life and develop roll upon roll of film. I then started to experiment with digital photography when I was 13 and have been working with it ever since.

At what point you decided to continue taking pictures?
When I was in my final year at school and everyone was applying to be doctors and lawyers. I didn’t know what I wanted to do apart from photography, it was all I really lived for. Having the pressure to decide my future career wasn’t actually as scary as many think it is because I had always really known I wanted to take photographs for a living.

Why photography and no other art form?
I feel photography is very real and raw for humans to view. We look at a painting and recognize the brush strokes and can appreciate it as a painting. But with photography it is just a capture of something so real to humans that you can almost breathe the same air as the photographer captured.

What was your firts cámara?
My first digital camera was a Kodak P850. I’ll never forget the excitement of getting it and shooting with it everywhere I went.

You prefer, film or digital camera? and why? I love both equally. You can capture colours with film that you can’t ever quite match with digital photography. Digital is a lot easier to be able to work with though and is the way forward with photography. But I don’t think I could ever say which one I prefer.

I found that most of photos taken by you are in color. Do you think that such pictures say more than the B/W photos? Why?
I do take a lot of black and white photographs and have a lot up for display too. I feel that you can capture more with black and white in certain circumstances. It really changes depending on the nature of the shoot that you’re shooting. Colour photographs are a lot more real to view and therefore the audience can really relate a lot clearer to them

Photography is a hobby? Or you see yourself using it as a career
Photography used to be my hobby which developed into my career. Taking photos of people is how I make my living and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

it will continue...

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