Oct 31, 2010

Happy Halloween/samhain

i´m a follower of folk spirituality, so today I´m going to do something for those who are not here with my family anymore ^^

Hope you have a good day and happy halloweeen!!!!


Oct 25, 2010

Help with hair color

Hi!! I´m sick, I have a bad cough T_T at the moment I can´t go swimming


I need some help please, I want to dye my hair later, but i have not yet the color

I saw this pic, and wow i want to know the color ? maybe brown or chocolate-red something XD

Love is in the air *__*

its not to light or to dark, but I´m not a white girl :S do you think is a appropriate
for my skin brunette?

Have a nice day ;)


Oct 24, 2010

It´s monday again

Here a funny and good song for today ;) very old and sexual XD

have a lovely monday

pd. I´m sick T_T but in better condition

Oct 21, 2010

Photo expo and drinks

Yesterday at my school was opened the exhibition of different kinds of visual arts
including photography, where I am.

I printed two digital photos in black and white, and showed two photos of film camera :)


At night I went with some friends for dinner bbq ribs and take a couple of beers
very relaxing time.

tomorrow I hope to rest and start swimming, I need exercise ajajaja :S wish me luck

Oct 20, 2010

fall inspiration

In my country we don´t have autumn or fall :( but we have wind and sun ejejeje

anyway I love the nature, pumpkins and more


Oct 18, 2010

I´m a new Z-fan

I mean Zombies are great, I think now that they are the best monsters ever!!

So I want to share my top 5 associated with them.

1. George A. Romero

I saw the firts movie that he made, fantastic :) he is a great director.

2.. I love song related with zombies, and this is one of my favorites

3. What about custom made? This dolls and ponys are amazing, creepy but cool XDD

4. I want this shoes please XD

5. Style of psychobilly bands.

Halloween is almost here *_*

Have a nice tuesday


Oct 15, 2010

Last weekend


Here my pictures from last weekend, I went with my good friends to eat sushi and crepes*__*

Here you can see my makeup and false eyelashes, finally I used.

Top: offbrand
jeans: Zara
Shoes: ebay
Necklace: DIY bye me

I can´t wait for this weekend jejeje

have fun!


Oct 13, 2010

Inspiration of wednesday

I can´t wait anymore, but I have to, I´m waiting for a call, I hope to get a job finally XD

Here some pics

Take care everyone

Oct 11, 2010

artist of monday: Anne Stokes

Hello!! My weekend was relax and fun ^^ later I want to show you my night at saturday

Now look this artist that I found yesterday

Her drawings and digital art are very gothic and fantasy, so cool :)
check her work at: annestokes


Oct 7, 2010

Designer: Yohji Yamamoto

I found this designer today,
I like the fact that he likes black color XD
but theres also blue, white, red,gray, and more...


You can see more about the collections and his live at:


Oct 5, 2010

More photos

Hi there :)

Take a look, here more photos took with my simple digital camara

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