Sep 29, 2010

Shoes inspiration

Sorry for the lack of post, but I've been e
diting more pictures and drawing in photoshop ^^
At the moment I want to show this inspiration for those who love shoes
Have an amazing day.

Unicorn heals from Modcloth

Melissa-viviane westwood shoes


Sep 27, 2010

designer mode one

This week I have thought about doing more jewelry and drawings, I need to put together a folder
to be presented later ^^ sorprise!!

I hope you have a nice day.

Here a nice song ;)

Sep 24, 2010

Coolhunting the new vision

I got my book of coolhunting, its from Spain, and looks perfect jejejeje, I need to read about this topic, because in the future I want to go to Barcelona to learn stylish and coolhunting!! is something that I want since last year.

The book looks small but has a lot of good information for those who wants to know about marketing and fashion.

What do you think about this topic? do you believe is the new tool in the fashion world?

Have a good day! Xoxo.

Sep 21, 2010

Another birthday party

Here picture from last saturday ;)

My outfit

Xoxo. ;)

Sep 20, 2010

Music for monday :)

Here the new album of Ozzy Osbourne, i Like this song a lot ^^

Have a good day

Sep 18, 2010

Outfit+party bday

Este mes he tenido muchos cumple años y salidas, claro con los buenos amigos como evitar estos festejos :)

Hace una semana cumplió años una amiga y el hermano de otra amiga XDD

esta semana fue el de una de mis mejores amigas, le hicimos dos festejos, acá mi outfit de la noche

Top: Offbrand
Skirt: Zara
Tights: Offbrand and Dreamsocks
Handbag: Liz claiborne Vintage
Shoes: From Ebay
Accesories: Handmade and offbrand.


This month I've had enough birthday parties, you can see my friends and me enjoying ^^
Have a nice day!!


Sep 15, 2010

"hunting" House part.1

Hello!! hope you having a nice day ;)

Here some photos of The Girolas family mansion ^^
I went there last week with my classmates, so here are the digital pics, later I want to show you the photos with the reflex camara, I have to do a lot of work with them ejejej.

This house its very old and anybody lives there anymore, has an interesting history, people said that this family in the past made a promise with the devil, its scary if your believe in that, but I think the houses that are very old have a bad or good energy thats all XD.

We heard a noise, which fell
but never knew it was, or where they came
that was it :3


Sep 12, 2010

Cute-dark art

Espero hayan pasado un buen fin de semana ;) yo tube un par de fiestas, luego subiré fotos.

Ahora tengo el gusto de presentar uno de mis trabajos, el cual antes era para una t-shirt en un concurso, pero al final no resultó y mejor segui trabajandolo para no dejar tirada mi idea.
El concepto trata de zombies+cupcakes; así es adoro el arte oscuro-cute, y por lo tanto combiné dos cosas que me han traumado este año.

Acá mi dibujo digital: Living death cupcakes

Today I want to show you my digital art, I finished it last week and its about zombies+cupcakes, yes I love cute-dark digital art, hope you like it, because it is my firts "formal" work jeejeje.

Here my art

Living death cupcakes

more to come....

Sep 8, 2010

Dear creatures fall010

Esta marca no la conocía, pero gracias a mi busqueda en los blogs divinos que leo, me entero de estas bellezas *__* disfruten la colección inspirada en Nancy Drew y los Hardy boys de Dear creatures.

A collection inspired by Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, the clothing reflects curious girls'and guys' instinct for smart and timeless fashion, the same instincts they assign to their crime solving adventures.

It all started on a whim in 2007 by Bianca Benitez, who hailed from a merchandising background, and Rob Sinclair, creator of the men's clothing label Brown Sound. Since the day the pair met, they have been cultivating each other's creativity and their own common love for decades past and unique perspective on design to create an overall aesthetic of clean, classic style
If you want to read more about this, check the next link:
Mayor información en el link, ahi verán otros hermosos outfits ;)

Sep 4, 2010

Wishlist news

Yeah!! I´m a shoe lover!! Need moneeeey T_T
Look the amazing pumps that I found,
I want the two pairs XD

Hope you having a relaxing time! In my country its rainning and its cold

Sep 1, 2010

Thursday art inspiration: Candybird

She is from France and I love her style

you can check more at here:

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