Feb 26, 2010

Artist: Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Hello ^^
This time I want to talk about this artist and freelance designer, she is one of my favorite artist, because her drawings reminds me the japanese dolls and the environments are sometimes dark and fantasy style; her name is Jasmine Becket-Griffith, she is 28 years old and lives in celebration, Florida with her husband Matt.

She saiys she likes to paint all the time, thats why she has a lot a paintings, also like to spend time with her family, to travel, going to convention art, an animal and book lover. If you want to know her better you can follow her in this journal: http://jasminetoad.livejournal.com/

She makes beautiful drawings that divides them into several categories: Steampunk, fairytale, gothic, fairys, mermaids and nymph, alice in wonderland, ocult-pagan art, and others. From 2009 she is colaborated with Disney to create several new lines of statues and other collectibles based on her artwork commissioned by Disney.

Another project that she has, are the costumes, with California Costumes (leaders in the industry!) to create her line of gothic fairy costumes known as the Strangeling collection. all are inspired by her artwork.

You can buy her merchandise in ebay, or webpage:



DIY continue...

It is now easy to see someone young doing needlework, or crochet, both to decorate clothing (for sample popular Amigurumi). Moreover, this movement has led groups that typically did not perform certain tasks, they are interested in a growing: the DIY has made not a typically male activity, as well as man has made many, top designers fashion, accessories, or classically handicrafts made by women.

Know in every country we can find this people working a lot, but there are persons who does not like to invest, or support them. In my country sadly, this kind of art is never in the front page of a magazine or newspaper, but there another ways, like blogs or facebook to promote their desings ^^

This reminds me, that technology is an important tool to show arts&craft, not just news, entertaiment, in this moment you can find any subject about this; there are desingers who likes to join communities and exchange ideas, works, to get advices, etc. The internet is so important, you can said that is a best friend for those who need support outside the country.

in the world of fashion, diy now being considered more than ever, not only in the aesthetic undeground, but also in international runways.

here a examples of an indie fashion store


Here some websites where you can watch and comment desings or to start learning your own projects.


if you want to promote your art, drawings, designs, and others, you can contact me and I put your links and talk about yourself, I would love to be part of it.




Hello everyone, December has been a wonderful time, but now we are living another year, and its going to be amazing, i hope :)

Changing the subject, I want you to know something interesting, something important in the world of independent design, and the name is DIY, meaning do it your self, in spanish is like hazlo tu mismo or HTM.

The title of the entry i got it from a documental on youtube, its a funny name, but i like it a lot, it is about a different musicians, filmakers and others talking about this way of living in USA.

Anyway, here the meaning.

is the practice of making or repairing things yourself, so you save money, entertain and learn at the same time. The Do It Yourself ethic is generally associated with several anti-capitalist movements, since it rejects the idea of always having to buy other things you want or need. It is a countercultural movement transferable to any area of daily life. There are many examples of using this philosophy.

This practice is very common in alternative groups or subucultures, because many of them like to do their own clothes, t-shirts, shoes, belts, hair accesories, etc. they feel good about the ability they have to get what they want, using creativiting and patience to do something cute, or cool using a little of money.

The philosophy that is pursued is the satisfaction of doing something with their own hands, and the persons related to politics are very happy to find this, because sometimes they like to implicate their stylelife with that, but it is not neccesary, there are many types of people in DIY.

Here a examples.

Cupcakes mmmm, they can eat XD, but you can use them like a pend or ring, earings, etc. You need a good material, for example Fimo or sculpy, very easy yo work and to find.

This girl make a cute desings, very pop-japanese thing.

she made the draw and later printed.

You need imagination, and the print machine, but if you like to do stencils, it is another way, but more difficult.

A little bear, purpple for those who loves pastel colors.

You only have to by needle, wool or
thread and patience.

A good friend of mine, love to do things like this!! ins´t cute?? i bought month
Well you have to wait the next time, i going to continue later, this is a interesting and large subject
Have a nice thursday ;)

look at the art of my country (EL Salvador)

In my country we have much national artist, but there is no promotion, and some have no idea of the existence of this people.

I accept that sometimes I have no great knowledge of the art of El Salvador, but I'm trying to learn something new when I have time, thats another reason of this blog, to seek and lern.

Enjoy some of them.


Rafael Varela

¿Donde está mi futuro? (where is my future?)

Miguel Angel Ramirez

inocencia (innocence)

José España


Julio Hernández Alemán

La luz de mi vida (The light of my life)

Margarita Orellana

Suchitoto de barro ( Suchitoto clay)

Fernando Llort (very famous)

Al beso del sol (To kiss the sun)

Alfredo Linares.

busqueda de la paz (pursuit of peace)

Carlos Cañas

Sumpul "(1984) was the first and perhaps the only, the Salvadorans recognized artists committed his artistic future to expose the bloody massacres perpetrated by the military-oligarchic during the Salvadoran civil war


the master Salarrue born in Sonsonate, and is considered the most complete artist-writer who was born in El Salvador. He wrote a vast literary, including the famous stories of Barro (stories of clay), and was also a prolific painter



As you have seen this type of art is usually based on the daily lives and national history, if you do not know history of my country, it may be hard to understand, but at least you can see the technique, color and expression that every author wants to give.

There is more, for later.
take care.



Sweet temptation

At Christmas we eat rich desserts this holiday season does not matter the fat, just flavor.

As a designer I understand the love of each dessert and its way of presenting
Each chef has great ideas for this time, even housewives or gentlemen who enjoy cooking.

These photos are from Christmas dessert, and some are better when integrated design, there is an art of cooking

cupcakes with tree form, the firts its more cupcake snow and the bottom ir more traditional.

cookies for everybody!! you can set the table like this

yule or christmas log, very yummie.

a trifle, have nice colors and looks delicious

wonderfull desing with cake, cookies and biscuits.

for kids or not, here a cute coconut snowman.

and for the ladys, in this ocation if you want to have your wedding in december, you can order a cake like this one.


Promote your desings and drawings.


My weekend was relax and fun and I went to a party and ballet with my mother and a good friend.

At last I finished the Christmas decoration in my house. Later I´m going to show you the lights of my front door :)

Today decided post about a community where the artist, carttonist or illustrator, professional or not, can upload their work; known as deviantART : It is a virtual space in which everyone can show their art and take advantage of network capabilities for submission to the comments of anyone and in particular from other artists. This program is open to many kinds of artists but mainly related to visual arts and graphics, as photographers, graphic designers or painters, but there are also literary works made by writers.

This website was born on August 7, 2000 by three engineers: Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens and Angelo Sotira initially as a site to accommodate changes to the graphical appearance (skins) from Winamp and similar matters, but soon spread to all types of creations, especially graphics. Is currently the CEO Angelo Sotira and deviantART is owned by deviantART, Inc.

This site has many issues to review, for all tastes, each person can choose their favorite and comment on their work, and there are even some artists who allow their work to be printed on clothing, posters, backpacks, key rings, etc.

This page helped to make known to many lovers of art and design, and professionals who are dedicated to this wonderful world.

If you want to share everything that you do, you must open an account; this is the place where you can get advice, admiration and prestige for those who enjoy and love the desing.

here the link: http://www.deviantart.com/

I have one, but still in progress, maybe later i going to update it.

I want to share 4 links of devianART that i love, i hope you like the style of these artist.


Take care and have a nice monday


Art Like a expression

Hello everyone! yeees this is my second post XD, but know in El Salvador
It is a midnight, already we are in another day.

I want to speak about the art, since my blog will be much about this subject therefore I consider necessarily to dedicate a post on this, and to give my point of view.

I want to begin with the concept of art, and here is, something from wikipedia:

The art is any activity or product realized by the human being with aesthetic or communicative purpose, expresses ideas, emotions or, in general, a vision of the world, by means of diverse resources, like plastic, linguistic, sonorous or mixed.

There are many types, if you remembered of the school, we saw classic, medieval, gothic, romantic, modern, etc. But now i consider there are many forms to create art, not just the regular ways, like painting, esculture, drawing, others. we have technology and with that everybody can mix the classic methods and do something different and we can call it art, but to get there, we allways have to remember some basic rules, because we like it or not there are many of them, and we have to follow to make a good work.

Don´t confuse i´m not saying that its good always to classify the art, only the basic thing, later we have to break them a little bit XD. It will depends of the taste, there are persons who like this way, and others who never are going to understand.

There are independent art that i like to share with all of you, but also the classic, retro, modern, etc. It is necessary to know the past also, because we that we can understand the present.

What is art? For me is a form to express something important or maybe not, emotions, aesthetic, beauty, ugly, bizarre, cute, horror, etc. I believe in the old ways, but there is more, than just the regular method.



Christmas trees!!

This year in my house we decorate it with spheres or balls, we put little angels, white and silver flowers, and many lights.

This one is my tree, they can see it brilliant and without flash.

take a few ideas from photos of some desings, they are so cute.
Enjoy ;)

This one looks very classic, but i love the combination of red and gold, this is a style that allways going to look amazing in your house.

A lot of gold.

If you don´t like to much the classic green tree, you can buy something like that, a pretty ice blue and this lovely girly tree.

i´m in love *__*

Hey!! here are more desings for those who hates classic style, and just want a simple, elegant and modern tree.

if you are good with tools, you can do it.

silver looks good.

You can lern to recycle, so here a example.

How it looks your tree? any ideas, or you don´t like it XD.

have a nice weekend ^^



P.d I get some photos from google and this link:
http://www.remodelingmyspace.com/2-white-artificial-pre-lit-christmas-tree.htm (there are another pictures)

Feb 25, 2010

Entrevista loli/ y recuerdos

Este día se posteo un proyecto de Mrs. Mercury (lolita de LITS) en su blog; ella tiene pensado entrevistar a dos lolitas, una de América y otra de Europa, con el fin de entender como cada una ve y vive el lolita en su país ^^
Ella tubo la amabilidad de elejirme a mi, para estrenar "Lolitas a traves del charco" fue una gran sorpresa, porque no tenía idea que me tomara en cuenta a la hora de vestir lolita XD, me siento muy feliz, halagada, y colorada ejejeje, orgullosa de aportar un poco a este movimiento, así que si desean leer las entrevistas, solo pinchen en este link, ahi descubrirán a la otra chica de Europa, ya algunas la conocen ;)

El otro día estube buscando una foto y nunca la encontré, es una que no quisiera perder, es parte de mi niñez, pero encontré otras que deseo compartir.

Esta es Canela, una salchicha que vivió con nosotros 14 años, hasta dormirla T_T estaba ya enfermita y para que no sufriera, pues ni modo. Fue nuestra primera mascota, fue mas hija de mi hermana, así que es mi sobrina.
Acá tenía 8 añitos, aun no estaba tan gorda ejejeje.
Y esta que tiene que ver con la otra que nunca encontré, soy yo XDDDD ajajaj sii esa pequeña sin diente y ahi verán un pollito que parece perico, pero es que era único, su nombre era Maicito, derivado del maicillo esa comida especial para pollitos, ajajaja bueno no tenía otra idea, y como uno de niña se le mete cualquier cosa, ese nombre elegí, y aun me río, pero lo amé mucho.
La otra foto que busqué y ni idea donde estaré, es siempre de este pollito, pero ya en grandote, se hizo mm ok no se si era macho o hembra XD, pero creció, no tengo bien esa imagen; la cuestión es así:
Como era loco y se comía todo en la casa, se hacía popo, y ya iba creciendo, tubimos que enviarlo a la finca de mis abuelos, ahi creció, pero nunca tubo amiguitos :( es que no se consideraba èl como pollo creo, claro viviendo con gente y solitario, puees andaba solo por el campo, pobre criatura, pero cuando lo fuimos a visitar se acordó de mi, y me tomaron esa foto, con maicito en mi brazo, tal como la de arriba, pero en tamaño enorme, ya todo un adulto T_T quiero encontrar esa foto.
Que en paz descanse mi pollo, ya se imaginarán que hicieron con ella mas adelante arg!!
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